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Privacy Policies

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Welcome to, a website owned and operated by Canmotors Loan. We welcome you to our site and invite you to explore options for financing your vehicle. Canmotors Loan takes your privacy seriously and is committed to safeguarding your privacy online. To this effect, we have created innovative, physical, and general strategic approaches to help protect your security. The Canmotors Loan Privacy Policy applies to data we collect from you and does not have any significant bearing on the acts of organizations that are not owned by or associated with by Canmotors Loans on individuals who are not associated with Canmotors.

Our Privacy Policy is intended to help you understand the terms and conditions surrounding the collection and use of that information you provide to us. By utilizing this site, you consent to the details of this Privacy Policy. In the event that you do not consent to the details of this Privacy Policy, it is suggested that you discontinue using

Connections to Third-Party Web Sites contains links. These connect you to other sites that offer information, data, and related products and services. If you visit another site through a connection on, it is recommended that you review the security policies of the site you are visiting. and Canmotors Loans, LLC are not responsible for the security practices of other sites that you may visit.

Data Collected When You Browse

When you browse, we will collect and hold data about your visit. This information does not identify you and cannot be connected back to you unless you decide to identify yourself to us. If you are just visiting, we gather the following data:

-Your IP address

-The kind of internet browser you are using, and the operating system used to get to

-The date and time that you visit

-The pages that you visit while browsing

In the event that you connected to from another site, we will likewise collect:

-The location of that site

– Your IP address to help diagnose specific issues with our website and web server

Other Information We Collect

When you speak with us, submit a financing assessment request, get in touch with us by means of e-mail, request information, buy a product,participate in a contest, and so forth, we will collect specific data from you or about you. This specific data may include:

-Your name, place of residence, Zip Code, driver’s license number

-Business data which may include employment-related information

-Financial data including,but not limited to, income and credit history

-Email address, phone number, Social Security number

When you request a financing assessment or any other information, you explicitly approve Canmotors,and up to six (6) external members, to get in touch with you regarding every application you submit whether you are listed on any “Don’t Call” records or not.

On occasion, general and specific data collected from you or about you might be utilized by Canmotors, or potentially shared – including acquiring and assessing financial information or services – by us with our partners, subsidiaries, operators, sellers and other external contacts to help process a request. Moreover, this data might be utilized or shared to:

-Conform to any law, guideline, review or court request

-Help improve the structure and usefulness of or upgrade the products and additional services offered on our website

-Support market and client research

-Better understand the needs of our clients

-Aid our organization in the process of improving or adding new services

-Alert you about new products or services either from us or our partners.

Note that we may utilize general and specific data about you, that is accessible from internal or external sources, and add it to data you give us in order to better serve your needs and improve our services.

As a component of our everyday business practices, we may total data and build up reports about the general and specific use of, purchase history, as well as other information available to be purchased or disseminated to other parties. It should be noted that these reports are compiled and exclude specifically recognizable data. We may also utilize your own data to contact you by email or through postal exchanges for the purposes of improvements, products or services offered by us, or by external parties, partners, and subsidiaries with whom we have agreement sand whose products and services we consider you may have an interest. We do not sell, offer, rent, or trade consumer information with third parties with unclear purposes.You may opt out of unlimited time messages or postal exchanges by reaching us at

You additionally recognize and concur that, despite the previous statement, we may continue to reach you to discuss data with respect to and furthermore, to discuss any vehicle exchange you may want to consider, or respond to a request made to us by you.

If you do not wish us to share your name, e-mail address, postal/home/street number to external parties with the purpose of direct advertising, you may contact us at

As a feature of our general business practices, we gather nonpublic individual data about you from these (among other) sources:

-Applications on or on different platforms

-Direct interaction with us, our associates, our partners and others

-Credit rating organizations

We acknowledge that we may share some or all data we gather, as noted above, to credit organizations, car vendors, and other external organizations that provide financing, financial referral services and explore financing alternatives as part of the preparation for your financing plan.

We additionally may share private data about you to non-partnered organizations as allowed by law or legally necessary.

All data provided by clients in any of the above-recorded ways or in general might be utilized and shared as allowed in this Privacy Policy.

When you request a financing plan, data submitted to us is utilized to forward your request to external organizations who might be able to assist with your financing needs. Note: Canmotors does not provide financing through; however, it forwards financing requests to external organizations for consideration.

Government regulations require that every single monetary transaction should confirm and record data that recognizes every individual who opens a record with a financial organization. When you present a financing application through and, additionally, services related with, your name, personal residence, birth date, and Social Security number will be utilized to approve/confirm your identity. Furthermore, as a feature of the financing request process, we may utilize business procedures to check the data you give, as well as non-disclosed information and, additionally, other contact data from external organizations.

Utilization of Cookies

As a major aspect of your communication with, and use of,, we may use a browser feature known as a “cookie.” “Cookies” are small files placed on your hard drive that assist us in providing you with a customized browsing experience. They help us to remember you if you visit again. We additionally use cookies to decide and follow how you discovered The structure and intent of cookies is that they are not to be utilized to acquire information from your PC’s hard drive, your email system(s), or accumulate some other individual data about you. In order to protect your privacy, we do not utilize cookies to store or transmit any close-to-home data about you on the Internet. With essentially any program, you can dismiss cookies by changing your program settings. Note if you dismiss our cookies it is possible that certain features of our website may not function correctly.You may also need to enter data about yourself more than once, or your entrance of certain data could be denied.